Humans Of Brighton – Meet Hitchhiker Amelie!

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We met her on the outskirts of Brighton, standing next to the A259 with her backpack, holding up a sign reading “Newhaven”.

Hi Amelie, where are you from? I am French, the French Alps to be more precise.

How did you end up in Brighton? I was hitchhiking down from Scotland. I am going to take a ferry from Newhaven back to France. So, I was dropped off here.

How long have you been traveling for? Roughly a week and a half now.

How did you get up to Scotland? I took a train from Newhaven to London and then from Newhaven to Edinburgh. From there on I first started going up north towards Inverness before starting to hitchhike all the way down.

How did you get the idea to do that? That’s a very good question. I just wanted to go to Scotland and I didn’t have enough money to take the train to get from one place to another. So, I thought this was a good way to travel.

What was the most amazing experience you had when you hitchhiked back from Scotland? I was in Newcastle, trying to go to Darlington, and a guy took me with him. In the car, we have been talking all the way and then at the end, he has invited me to his home. So, I slept there and it was amazing how nice he and his wife were! That was really a great moment!


Hitchhiking all the way back to the French Alps is her plan! We wish her best of luck and many lifts to get her there safely!

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