Humans of Brighton – Meet Kiko The Future Diplomat


Hello Fransisco, nice to meet you! Where are you from? Hello, you can call me Kiko like all my friends do and I’m from Brazil.

What do you do here in Brighton? I’m here in an English school to improve my English. In June I’m going to do an exam for the Cambridge certificate and I use my time here to prepare for the exam.

What are your plans after you complete this exam? I want to become Diplomat back in Brazil and the standards are very high for that. You need a good qualification in English to become a successful Diplomat. The Cambridge certificate is a very good proof of your English skills.

Why did you choose Brighton? I choose Brighton because my aunt lives here. But besides that, I think Brighton is a very interesting city. It’s not that big but big enough to discover interesting and unique places. Brighton also has some nice festivals and events. It’s also not so far from London and it’s a good location at the seafront.

What do you like most about Brighton? What’s different to Brazil? I really like the people here in Brighton. They are very open-minded and kind. In Brazil, it’s not that normal and in Brighton you see people smiling more. For example, I really like the fact that here people thank the bus drivers when leaving the bus that’s not normal for me.
Have you got a funny story or something special that´s has happened since you arrived here? I think my first contact with an English man was one special moment. It was on the day I arrived at Gatwick airport. I was standing at the baggage reclaim for over half an hour searching for my lost luggage. Out of nowhere a man starts speaking to me and we start talking about concerts and music. It was a nice conversation and he distracted me from my lost baggage. In the end, he pointed to a corner and asked me if that was my bag – and it was! It sounds very weird but this first contact with the man at the airport made me excited to get to know the city and the people.

Have you got a Life dream and what are your plans for the future? I always dream of traveling around the world. I really like old monuments and history, so my favorite places to visit are countries where you usually find that, like Egypt, Greece, China, and of course, England. I also want to have a family and become a good diplomat.


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