Independent candidate Tanushka Marah disinvited from Jewish hustings and harassed by pro-Israel activists

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Tanushka Marah, an independent parliamentary candidate, was uninvited from the Jewish community hustings and has faced online harassment from pro-Israel activists.

The Sussex Jewish Representative Council (SJRC) withdrew Marah’s invitation to the event, which took place in Hove on Sunday.

The SJRC claims they uninvited the Hove and Portslade candidate because she promotes hate and division and did not respond to their invitation.

One of Marah’s policies is standing for a free Palestine and an end to funding for wars.

In a statement the SJRC said: “This weekend Tanushka Marah has chosen to appear with those who openly hold antisemitic views and are supportive of Hamas. That is not compatible with the majority of the Brighton and Hove Jewish community.

“On Friday night she went to London to appear with Roger Waters, a man who has referred to Jews as “dirty k***” and “f**king Jew” and used a pig with a star of David on it at one of his concerts.

“At a recent hustings in the city she called the massacre of October 7th “a reaction” and warned that there would be more “continuous reactions”. She is, of course, entitled to her opinions but this is not a woman that cares about the sensitivities of the Jewish community.

“We do not need to give her hate a platform in our safe space. Our obligation is to the majority of members of our small Jewish community and her divisive anti-Zionist rhetoric is not welcome in our home.”

Mrs Marah said: “Despite the rescinding of the invitation and the false accusations of ‘hate’ against me, I remain open to attending the hustings event in Hove on June 30th, whether physically or through virtual means if necessary.

“My campaign has always been centred on unity and bringing people together. I oppose any actions or rhetoric that create division or discord among individuals and groups, and I reject political talking points that aim to silence, exclude, vilify, or slander. As a humanist, I stand in solidarity with all people.

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“I believe in open, honest, respectful dialogue, and my heart goes out to all families, both Palestinian and Jewish, who have lost loved ones in the brutal Gaza war. I will continue to call out Israel’s genocide and support calls for a permanent ceasefire and an end to the illegal Israeli occupation.

“I look forward to discussing critical issues such as equality, justice, the cessation of violence in Gaza, and the protection of Jewish people. I strongly condemn antisemitism and all forms of hatred, advocating for unity and understanding within communities.”

The SJRC acknowledged that some Jewish people may have missed “the chance to hear Marah’s views” but “point out that she has appeared at other public hustings”.

Marah claims that throughout her election campaign, she has faced online harassment from pro-Israel accounts accusing her of antisemitism, which she denies.

She said the harassment increased after the hustings invitation withdrawal, and she attended a solidarity concert for Palestine in London on June 21, where Roger Waters performed.

The independent candidate said she has also faced personal harassment, including meetings being surveilled and recorded without consent.

Marah, also a theatre director, claimed there have been attempts to cancel her performances and the free community workshops she provides for young people.

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