Inspiring Art Opening Last Weekend at Coachwerks


Last Friday University of Brighton student Elliot Nehra hosted his first solo show “A Hermit’s Wonderland” at the Coachwerks. The exhibition room was filled with cheerful guests and young inspiring artists. We had a short chat with the artist him self and a few of his guests.

The artist Elliot Nehra came down to Brighton to study two years ago. ‘I’m proud of being a guy and I’m proud of my work. The everyday inspires me. Just getting up in the morning and having a pind with my friends. The paintings materialise as an instinctive response to the world, commenting on my life, experiences, feelings, memories and background. This is my girlfriend Maya, she’s everything to me. She’s what drives me out of bed in the morning.’
Colin on the end to the right is one of Elliots friends from Uni. He’s impressed with the exhibition.
Young artists Ella and Millie say the work inspiring to them.
Lydia and Connor are friends of Elliott where impressed with his work and enjoying the party.
Lyle, Angel and Olivia. Lyle is Elliots housemate and says he gets to see Elliot work behind the scene. They’ve known Elliot for some time and say it’s nice to see someone actually do something with his work. They also said the work really reflect Elliot as a person.
Kathrene, Brittany and Amy. They where invited by the organisers and say they have never seen anything like it.
William and Tom: We’re bartenders tonight but we also study with Elliot and we have our own exhibitions coming up soon.’
Charlotte and Shaun where there to support their friend.

A Hermit’s Wonderland presents the recent paintings by Elliot. The Hermit, a reclusive character, invites you into the safety of his home. Paintings are the home for the artist, a fabricated space that is at once surreal and perfectly ordinary.

Resting, 2018, Oil on Canvas.

The exhibition will run till the 12th of February so still plenty of time for all you art lovers out there to have a look at the young artists work.

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