Invest Time In LinkedIn And Reap The Rewards


You can really influence your professional brand in a positive way by using LinkedIn and can totally use it to your advantage to further your career by connecting with new and different people, and by being aware of what is going on within your niche area of the world. Here are some tips to help boost your LinkedIn presence and help you improve your online persona.

  1. Connect with everyone you have met in order to keep in touch. This is awesome when you are looking back at jobs you may have done and need a reference or maybe an old colleague has a friend you would like to get in touch with.
  2. Connect with the people they know who may have a job going in the field you are looking for.
  3. LinkedIn allows you to connect with people you may have never connected with before in real life. By connecting with these people it is a mutual way of saying ‘having you in my network is valuable to me’.
  4. It won’t get you a job but can lead you to opportunities. It will list jobs in your area, allow you to check out companies which are posting jobs and get in touch with people you know who work there to help introduce you.
  5. To get all of the above you need to flesh out your profile, tell the world who you are as a professional, what you are passionate about and how you have contributed to the workforce. A poorly executed LinkedIn profile can look sloppy and uninterested in promoting yourself to recruiters.
  6. Choose quality over quantity, LinkedIn may feel like a social network but it certainly isn’t. When updating and posting try to reign in what you post and only post what is necessary and to a high standard.
  7. LinkedIn is an extended version of your resume so show employers what you’re made of. Add things which wouldn’t fit on a paper document like youtube videos.
  8. Remember the first thing people will see is your profile picture, your background photo, the headline and summary. These need to be pristine in order to keep the attention of the viewer or else they will move onto the next candidate.

So if you have hit a road block in your career or are looking to improve your online brand or even to snoop about what other jobs there are going it is time to take advantage of this online networking tool. But like all tools it is only as good as the person using it!


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