Is a Second American Civil War on the Horizon?

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Is a Second American Civil War on the Horizon?

Abraham Lincoln once proclaimed ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand’ . Yet, not since the secession of the south in 1860 has there been such a political divide across the United States of America.

This past week, a country famous for its belief in the constitution that upholds the law across the land looked on in horror, as one of its most famous political buildings, the US Capitol building, was desecrated by people who truly believe that their election was just stolen.

This institution of the ‘American dream’ has stood as an inspiration for all of these patriotic citizens as a reminder of the liberty and freedom that was left behind by the founding fathers, with its housing of the senate being respected and its judgements upheld by the 44 presidents to have held the oval office. Until now.

Donald Trump seized an opportunity when he was elected President, not to make the country great again, but to become the leader of the free world and use it for his own personal and ideological gain. He makes ludicrous remarks and publicises the conspiracy theories of a broken voting system, he uses social media to promote speech far beneath the mantle expected of the office and maybe worst of all, he relentlessly spreads a message of fear and division to the disenfranchised masses who hang upon his every word.

Now, America is no stranger to dark times or insufficient leadership- Richard Nixon was impeached over the Watergate scandal, both JFK and Martin Luther King were assassinated, and the tragedy of 9/11 has created a discriminatory culture that has lasted nearly two decades.

But to place all the blame at Trump’s door, or to think that President-Elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on the 20th January will end this chapter of American history, would be to disregard the ever-growing chasm that exists in the heart of the nation, in which 74 million people voted for another four years of tyranny.

For over half a century, America’s issues such as healthcare, gun control, equality and terrorism have divided a country into one where the bipartisanship expected from two party system, is now nothing more than a system of gridlock and indecision that drives voters away from the moderate middle as they desperately seek effective representation.

Republican voters vocalise the need for conservative, often Christian policies that keep the tax rates low and preserve the state of the nation. Democratic voters seek progressive freedoms that implore the laws to expand to meet their bigger futures. And where once debate and discussion led the path to compromise, there is now no longer room for dissenting voices as the American public demand the change they seek.

It truly is no wonder that a man considered such a staunch egomaniac is beloved, when his bullish and uncompromising idealism towards his own desires is so reflective of the people who he claims to represent. A true representative government would have never produced the environment in which he thrives, yet despite this, America now sits in a world ravaged by a pandemic in which its leader failed to respond, and the leaders of the world’s major powers openly laugh at the situation unfolding. The country must now look out for the threats that may exist, from enemies in Iran and North Korea who will seek to further weaken one of its most powerful foes.

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We sit on the precipice of disaster. The fascism of the cult like following Donald Trump possesses have now officially militarised with the actions at the Capitol, and once their leader is no longer in power, their misplaced patriotism is no longer represented in a government they fail to trust. They have the right to bear arms, the right to protest and the engrained American superiority complex to believe in the need to take back their country by any means necessary, a message they’ve been fed for over 4 years now.

America was the global standard of capitalism, freedom and development. Right now, Joe Biden will either save the ideals of the American Dream,or watch his country crumble in his hands.

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