Is Sailing for your Brighton Team?

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Whether your company is large or little, there is always room for improvement in the way employees work together.  This helps with both cross-departmental communication (which can lead to faster and better solutions for business difficulties) and intra-departmental communication (which eventually leads to higher levels of employee retention).

 Although off-site workplace events have been around for a while, short sailing expeditions are quickly becoming one of the most popular team-building activities, especially in coastal cities like Brighton.

 Many tour and travel companies, such as, who used to focus solely on yacht charter vacations, are now providing goal-oriented, multi-day sailing adventure programmes for team development.  When planning a work outing, it’s crucial to pick a package that’s a good fit for everyone involved.

 To a boat

You can’t dispute the boat’s importance and its effect on the sailing vacation as a whole. You can take it bareboat if your crew has sufficient sailing experience, but most people hire a skipper.

 You have the option of chartering a yacht, which provides a more intimate sailing and working atmosphere, or a catamaran, which is roomier and more conducive to socialising after hours.  It also depends on how many individuals are interested in going. It is recommended that you charter a catamaran in order to accommodate everyone on your trip.  Trimarans, an advanced variant of the catamaran, are larger and more comfortable than conventional catamarans.

 You can select the company-provided meals and beverages during the package selection process. Your crew will be able to put their whole attention on bonding and having fun if you charter a large enough vessel, such as a catamaran, with a fully equipped galley and maybe even a hostess and chef to handle meal preparation.

 Other sailing holiday packages also contain a variety of water sports equipment, giving you a great chance to have fun while engaging in exciting pursuits. You may maximise your time in the clear sea by adding scuba diving and snorkelling to your agenda.

 Several destinations, including the Caribbean islands, the Bahamas, Florida, Hawaii, Greece, the coasts of Australia and New Zealand, and the Caribbean Sea, are best explored by sailboat. All of these spots are chosen because they can provide you the kind of unforgettable experience and boundless fun that regular holiday spots just can’t match. 


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