Is The Bevy Setting a Standard that Other Eateries Across the UK Should Follow?

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If you’re a Brighton resident and you haven’t heard of The Bevy in Moulsecoomb, where have you been? The community-owned eatery has made the headlines on various occasions in recent years, and it is pioneering a model that could easily take off across the rest of the UK. Once again, Brighton is earning its reputation for being one of the most forward-thinking places in the country.

Community Owned Eatery that has Been Shortlisted for Awards
Instead of being owned by a massive chain or a single landlord shouldering the burden, The Bevy has bucked the trend in the UK. The popular restaurant is community-owned, with more than 800 local investors. The great thing about this is that it allows the spot to move away from the traditional business approach of purely chasing profits, and it can focus on providing a great experience for people who visit.
The Bevy has been recognised for its progressive work in the past, and it was even shortlisted for Best Community in the Great British Pub Awards 2016. Based on a housing estate, it acts as the gel that holds the local community together, and its impact has been astounding.
The Bevy Always Keeps up With Modern Trends
The Bevy has managed to gain a strong reputation by always staying true to trends in the country. For instance, it has constantly strived to be at the forefront of healthy eating drives, with special cooking classes aimed at teaching people how to cook delicious meals with fruit and vegetables. This is a pertinent issue globally, and it’s important that local communities help each other in learning how to eat properly.
The Bevy also aims to attract a wide range of clientele by identifying popular things from mainstream culture and replicating them in a live setting. Online bingo, for instance, has blown up along with the casino industry over the last decade. The ball game is so common now that there are casino promotions aimed at alluring players These include welcome offers at special bingo rooms and happy hours on bingo games. Sites need to provide these because players now have so many options to choose from, and they know they could easily look elsewhere.
The effect of the online bingo industry is now being seen in the real world. The Bevy has its own bingo night that has proven to be a huge hit with clientele. The twist on the classic format is that this is LGBTQ+ bingo, hosted by a popular local drag queen. This theme encompasses the new look of the game online, where it is getting a reputation for alluring a much broader demographic than in the days before the Internet.

The Bevy has attracted attention from all over the country, and there are now other community-owned restaurants, cafes, and similar establishments cropping up across the UK. The model could be the perfect way to beat the negative effects the economy can have, which can often be catastrophic for business owners who have to shoulder all the expenses themselves. With community-run establishments able to spread the risk, their chances of survival are heightened.

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