Kanye Causes Trouble at NYFW

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Kanye West is fast becoming one of the most powerful names in fashion. It sounds crazy I know but let me explain. He has just this week decided to launch his Yeezy Season 3 collection at NY Fashion Week which is a mere two weeks away, whilst debuting his latest album, and in front of a sold-out crowd. At Madison Square Garden, which is freaking huge.

This is Madison Square Garden. Told you it was huge.

Whilst this may seem like a genius move to some, it creates a huge nightmare for everyone else. New York Fashion Week is something that is planned very far in advance, with time slots being booked months before the start to ensure that there are no clashes with other designers, and to allow high profile guests and media to see everything they want to see. Thanks to Kanye’s last minute announcement, two designers have had to change their time slots because they know that they can’t fight the Kanye.

Former J. Crew designer and current Banana Republic creative advisor, Melissa Webb, was scheduled to show her line at the exact same time as Yeezy on the 11th at 4pm. Adam Selman was booked in for the 5pm time slot on the same day, which means there will be no time to shuttle guests from Madison Square G to his location. Both designers have now changed their shows to be earlier and later in the day, but we don’t doubt that this was an absolute nightmare for them to do, particularly when there’s only two weeks until Fashion Week.

Yeezy season 2

This isn’t the first time Kanye has messed around with the fashion week schedule as last season he announced his show at the last minute and forced emerging designer Anne Bowen to show on a different date. Now, we understand that Kanye West is a big deal, but it’s New York Fashion Week, not Glastonbury. Leave the curse of the time clashes to the festival go-ers Kanye.

Kanye West and Adidas Fall Collection 2015

Kanye has already taken to Twitter to show off some of the line in order to get everyone hyped and to make sure that they forget that he’s messed with loads of hard working designers. He’s also announced that he has changed the title of his album (again) to T.L.O.P. and has also declared on Twitter that season 4 of the Yeezy Collection will be for kids. This is pretty understandable considering he has two kids of his own and the oldest, North, became a fashion icon before she could even say Yeezy. Obviously this is still speculation, even though it’s come from Kanye himself, but whatever he decides we’re sure he’ll be keen to let the entire world know.






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