Kill The Bill Marches Through Brighton

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In what is now a longstanding tradition within the city, protesters once again marched through the city over the weekend to provide opposition to a policing bill that continues to be processed through the legal system in the attempts to have it pass into law.

Whilst seeing smaller crowds than at its inception, the 100+ demonstrators began their march by the peace statue situated in Hove Lawns, proceeding to then go throughout the city and end outside Brighton Police Station to make their case known.

There was also stops at the Jubilee Clock Tower and the bottom of North Street to allow the vocalisation of the opposition to the public and in attempts to notify more people of what they believe to be an unacceptable piece of legislature.

Such protest meant that there was disruption to the roads and to those who had visited the  city centre for shopping or other leisurely activities, however support was believed to be shown by some who made contact.

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill plans to allow the police to have more control across England and Wales with the ability to now control non-violent protests that could be too noisy and cause intimidation and harassment or serious unease, alarm or distress to the public.

The laws would mean that there would be restrictions on exactly how protests would be allowed to take place, with enforceable limits on start and finishing times for both individuals and large groups alongside rules on acceptable noise levels.

People who refused to follow these rules and consequently violated them could face fines up to £2,500.

Many of the methods have differed between the protestors, with some choosing to vocally inform the passing crowd of their motivations and beliefs, whilst others have chosen to fight back in more official pathways such as contacting councillors and MP’s to gain their support and mount political opposition within the city.

One such MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle who represents the Kemptown constituency has voiced opposition to the bill and took to public social media site Twitter to show his support for the Kill The Bill protests.


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