Labour by-election candidate vows to protect skylarks

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Labour Council hopeful Robert Mcintosh has pledged his support for the local campaign to protect skylarks on Beacon Hill in Rottingdean Coastal, that has led to the Council moving the planned Jubilee celebratory beacon.

Whilst Tory candidate Linda Hyde has shown no regard for the declining species of skylarks who nest on the ground at this time of year, insisting the Jubilee Beacon goes ahead as planned, no matter how many birds are trampled, Labour’s candidate has other ideas.

Robert Mcintosh has made it clear that Jubilee celebrations will and must go ahead, but in a manner that protects wildlife, not endangers it. Labour suggest the Queen herself, a known animal lover, would be unlikely to endorse plans for a beacon by the windmill in the middle of nesting season for skylarks.

Friends of Beacon Hill are a local organisation of volunteers who help maintain and develop the unique nature reserve, and who educate residents on wildlife such as nesting skylarks.

Robert Mcintosh says that if elected, he will work with the group and residents to protect our local nature reserves and endangered and declining species.

Labour’s candidate for Rottingdean Coastal, Robert Mcintosh says:

“As I’m sure many residents are, I’m looking forward to the Jubilee celebrations and lighting beacons are a great way of showing our appreciation for the Queen’s lengthy public service.

“However, I don’t see why we have to light said beacons in a nature reserve where nesting skylarks are liable to get trampled and killed. It is little wonder they are a species in decline.

“It may be called ‘Beacon Hill’, but it is also a nature reserve, and if that means anything at all I think we should light our beacons elsewhere and protect our wildlife.

“I support the decision to ensure no beacons are lit on the nature reserve as part of the Jubilee celebrations, unlike my Conservative counterpart, and if elected, working with residents on protecting our wildlife, our nature and our green spaces will be a key priority of mine.”

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