Lallana and Williams announced as new Albion in the Community Ambassadors

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Midfielder Adam Lallana and defender Victoria Williams have been announced as the new ambassadors for Albion in the Community.

The official charity of Brighton and Hove Football Club has been doing excellent work in the local community for a number of years. In the last twelve months alone, they have delivered 168 projects to more than 30,000 people in and around Brighton and Hove.

Projects range from soccer schools to promoting a healthy lifestyle and creating schemes for the disabled, including football programmes and awareness courses aiming to tackle prejudice surrounding disability in sport. They also work closely with schools to help pupils perform better and develop future prospects.

Lallana expressed his delight in an interview with Brighton and Hove FC: “Since arriving in the summer I quickly became aware of how important this football club is to the local community.

“It is a real honour to be asked to be one of Albion in the Community’s official ambassadors and I’m delighted to be taking up the role.”

Williams was equally thrilled: “The last six months have proved just how big a role the charity plays in people’s lives.

“Everyone can be proud of what Albion in the Community has delivered and I am extremely proud be asked to be an ambassador for the charity this season.”

Lallana and Williams follow in the footsteps of Brighton Goalkeeper Matt Ryan and Defender Laura Rafferty in showcasing the important role footballers play in our community.

The new ambassadors hope their high profiles will give a welcomed morale boost to participants and beneficiaries of Albion in the Community.

Premier league footballers received a lot of criticism during the first lockdown, after it was revealed that several clubs furloughed non-playing staff whilst players remained on full salaries.

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In response, several players launched the #PlayersTogether campaign, with the aim of raising money to support the National Health Service in its fight against COVID-19.

Football clubs are part of the fundamental fabric of their local communities. Most have been contributing positively by using their resources to support those most in need.

Albion in the Community have carried on their charitable endeavours even with many of their facilities temporarily closing. In just 8 weeks, 12,500 meals have been delivered to vulnerable people who rely on the charity.

They have used their online platform to deliver lots of fantastic free content, including videos to help people keep active and keep learning during lockdown.

If you would like to help Albion in the Community keep up the great work they do, then please follow the link below to donate:

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