Lesbian Speed Dating

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Let there be love but not in Brighton but in the heart of Worthing-Love Doctor is just the medicine to help lesbians find romance and only hald an hour on the train from Brighton.

Love Doctor Monti, who recently returned from working remotely since October 2023, is briefly back on the south coast of England and will soon be offering Sussex singletons the opportunity to improve their lovelife in time for the summer.

Having successfully dished out relationship advice all across the globe, and recently written a soon-to-be published book on relationships, next for Sussex is the unleashing of a Saturday night Speed Dating event. Aimed at lesbians of all ages to visit the well-known Lucifier’s Event Bar in Worthing on 8 June (7.30pm-late).

Although the emphasis is firmly on finding ‘the one’ at these events, the Love Doctor is encouraging potential participants to potentially upgrade or extend their social circle.

This event will offer the excitement of being able to mix, mingle, create new friendships but more importantly potentially spark romance. Neil-Monticelli Harley-Rüdd, who has been a Love Doctor since his teenage years, as host will play Cupid.

Those who need some dating advice before the event can check out his popular column in Jamaica. Or wait to read his self-guide book for a US publisher on how to find the perfect partner.

For those daunted by Speed Dating, these chilled-out events are part of how the Love Doctor puts the fun back into finding romance. Participants are offered a tipple from the Love Drinks Menu during their dating adventure, which is part of the £17.50 ticket. More information via www.RightFlirt.club.

The concept is a little like musical chairs for singletons. Singletons have six-minute spells to see if there’s any connection with the person opposite.

After each mini date everyone needs to send the Love Doctor a WhatsApp message with their name and a decision about the person they have just been chatting with.

These choices are Yes (if they would like to see them again) or No (if once was enough). Only if both participants opt for Yes then they will receive each other’s WhatsApp number the following day. A No in the equation from either lesbian results in nothing.

Love Doctor Monti explained: “A lot of people expect love at first sight but it rarely happens.

“On first dates it can be just lust or strong physical attraction. You get a clearer idea of the other person on second dates.

“So many people’s idea of love is being influenced by the media sugar-coating everything. These events are ultimately there to guide everyone towards even more happiness through romance, and I strongly believe that love is the most powerful emotion in our lives.”

Tickets for Lesbian Speed Dating cost £17.50 each, with one beverage from the Love Drinks Menu, available via www.RightFlirt.club. These tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis only. Any queries please WhatsApp the Love Doctor on +385 99 746 11 46.

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