Local Elections: What are they and how do they affect you on May 6th?

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There is to be a large amount of elections happening on the 6th of May across England, Scotland and Wales, where about 48 million UK citizens will be voting for over 5,000 different positions of power at all levels.

In England alone, there will be 143 local council elections to dictate who will run your local services including bin and waste collection, sports and athletic facilities, local care services and all other public run services in the local proximity.

In a Covid pandemic, whilst the virus remains the most important issues voters want to see action over, this election could have huge consequences for much of the current policies that governs local areas such as Brighton.

Scottish Independence, Welsh Labour control and the UK as a combined authority are all things that could change and be lost in the space of this 24-hour period.

Locally, council tax could become a key factor as the cost of the pandemic adds up and financial repair is needed to fund major services that have been plagued with cost cutting measures.

In an IPSOS survey, EU/Brexit is seen as a continuing major issue and therefore it could prove difficult for those parties who continue to denounce leaving the union as the public look for a way to get the best possible outcome.

However, the only way to influence and have an impact on the decisions in your area is to actually vote, which can be done at a polling centre, by post or through nominating someone on your behalf which is also known as a proxy vote.

If you are not currently registered to vote, then the deadline to do so is Monday 19th April with the postal vote deadline being 5pm on the 20th of April in England, the proxy vote is 5pm on the 27th April.


Photo Credit: Elliott Stallion

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