Local Non-Profits and Community Initiatives to be showcased on Juice 107.2’s ‘Spirit of the City’


If you work within a local non-profit organisation, or know someone that does, then you’ll know how important it is to get your message and mission to as many people as possible. You’ll also know that without the comparatively deep pockets of profit chasing organisations, being heard can be difficult.

Well, anyone that finds themselves frustrated by this dilemma will be pleased to hear that Brighton’s very own Juice 107.2 is running an initiative called ‘Spirit of the City’ which aims to give air-time to local not-for-profit organisations so that their message might reach the station’s broad listenership.

The station’s broadcast area covers the city of Brighton and Hove and its suburbs, and the towns along the English Channel coast as far as Worthing on FM, and as of 31 January 2017, the station is also broadcast across Sussex on DAB Digital Radio, as well as in central Brighton on the platform on the small-scale DAB multiplex.

The station’s TSA (Total Survey Area), the area within which a station’s audience is measured, is 284,636, so there’s plenty of ears out there waiting to hear you message.

For more info, go here.


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