Low Cost Affordable Housing Coming to Brighton

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Those of you who live and work in Brighton will be well aware of the incessant and incremental increases in the cost of living in the city with rents spiralling upwards and with property prices moving ever upwards, out of the grasp of residents like a kid’s balloon on a windy afternoon.

A new project that will bring hundreds of low-cost homes to Brighton has been announced that identifies the three sites in which housing will be built in association with Brighton and Hove City Council and housing association Hyde.

The sites are in Clarendon Place, Portslade, north of Varley Hall in Coldean Lane, Brighton, and just west of Swanborough Place, in Whitehawk on land owned by the council which will be sold for £120 million on a long lease.

The principles of the deal were agreed almost a year ago after two marathon meetings of the council’s Housing and New Homes Committee.

This same committee is now being asked to support the sale of the first three plots where hundreds of the 1,000 planned homes are to be built. Other sites will be chosen later.

The scheme, aimed at providing homes for rent or shared ownership for working people who earn a living wage, would see rents starting at £118 a week at today’s prices for a studio flat, rising to £206 for a three-bedroom property.

A final deal on the disposal of the three sites will be taken by the council’s Policy, Resources and Growth Committee on Thursday 12 October.

The joint venture saw unanimous backing by all three political parties on the council after a long debate over some of the details of the scheme after all three candidates ran for office on manifestos promising low-cost housing.
via: dfc works (flickr)
via: dfc works (flickr)
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