Measles Outbreak In Brighton


Public health officials are warning parents to make sure that their children are fully protected from measles, as five cases have now been confirmed in Brighton and Hove. 

Measles is a highly infectious viral illness, that can lead to serious complications and have life-changing consequences, especially for those with a weakened immune system, pregnant woman and young babies. The best form of protection against measles is the MMR vaccination, and officials are urging parents to check the MMR status of their children with their GP surgery.

A letter was put through Brighton and Hove’s schools yesterday morning. In the letter consultant in communicable disease control Dr Peter English said:

“There has been a case of confirmed measles in a child who lives in Brighton and Hove. For reasons of medical confidentiality, we will not identify the child further. It is possible that other children – who attend various schools and nurseries in the area – will have caught measles from this child; and if so, they may then pass it on to other unvaccinated children.

“If your child has not had two doses of MMR, please contact your GP to arrange for them to be vaccinated as soon as possible.”

Symptoms to be aware of

Symptoms of measles can include:

  • cold-like systems, e.g. a runny nose, sneezing and cough
  • sore, red eyes
  • a high temperature
  • small grey-ish white spots

A few days later, a red-brown blotchy rash will appear. This usually starts on the head or upper neck before spreading outwards to the rest of the body.

If you think that you or your child may have measles, you should phone your GP because visiting the surgery or A&E could spread the infection to others.

You should also see your GP if you have been in close contact with someone who has measles and haven’t:

  • been fully vaccinated with 2 doses of the MMR vaccine
  • had the infection before

You should do this even if you don’t have any symptoms.

Featured image: Dave Haygarth


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