Meet the Talented Local Musician Chloe Leigh

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Feeling tired of daylong work? Hanging out with friends or just on your own in pubs with great music to your ears is a splendid way of recreation. WTP Willow Tree Promotion present series of events that would be an excellent choice for music lovers. Last Monday they had a line up of a few talented local musicians at the The Craft Beer Co. One of them being Chloe Leigh who we had a chat with after the concert.

Are you from Brighton or Spain? Cos I heard you sing a Spanish song? 

I’m from London actually but I’ve been in Brighton for 4 years, my mom is Spanish, in fact I learned Spanish before English.

Why do you choose to perform in Brighton? 

I fell in love with this city at the first moment I got here, I found music everywhere!

Why do you like acoustic music? 

Because I’ve been so influenced by singer Leonard Cohen, who is a remarkable lyricist as well. I’ve been to a few of his gigs and it changed my life.

So you haven’t signed (any labels) right now, is it competitive?

Yes, because it’s Brighton, so many music performances and a lot of talented musicians.

Do you have another job? 

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Yes, I work in Brighton Dome and I also work for one day in London every week

What’s the plan at the moment? 

My current band members have their own plans and I’m preparing to start a new band. My new EP is coming up and new MV is going to be released next month!

WTP Presents another Acoustic Night next week, this time at The Admiral next Thursday the 31st of January. Chloe will still be one of the lineup, don’t miss it!

Text and photo by: Xiaye LIAO

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