Non Fiction Book Recommendations

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For the Interior Design enthusiasts ‘For the Love of White’ by Chrissie Rucker, founder of the White Company is a fantastic choice. If you’re a lover of all things neutral then this collection of beautiful interior design photography will definitely inspire you. Whatever your style may be this book explores all different kinds of environments from city apartments to country cottages. Full of simple and elegant design tips and photos this book makes for a stunning coffee table piece. 

If beauty is more your thing then Palette: The Beauty Bible for Women of Colour by Vogues contributing beauty editor Funmi Fetto is a breath of fresh air. Not only is this book written so beautifully but it covers all things hair, makeup and body products for women of colour. On a similar note Nailed it by Marian Newman looks into her incredible nail creations for events such as fashion shows including Louis Vuitton and Givenchy as well as campaigns for Dior and Alexandar McQueen. This book provides step by step techniques for some of her most popular nail designs whilst giving tips on the best products and tools to use.

If you’re a bit of a film buff then something like the Art of Harry Potter might be something for you. Not only does this book have a beautiful cover but it is filled to the brim with stunning art work, bringing to life all the characters, creatures and locations from the books and films. This one is definitely a top recommendation of mine, if you’re interested in film art and what it takes to create the visuals you see on screen. If you’re looking for a more informative read then the Harry Potter Page to Screen book by Bob McCabe is ideal, full of pull out props and in-depth information all about how they brought the wizarding world to the big screen. 

For the minimalists out there then Minimal by Madeleine Olivia is great. This one takes you through easy steps for living a simple and sustainable life. Full of tips and tricks for reducing your impact on the earth in all aspects of your life from healthy recipes and reducing your waste to decluttering your life as well as natural beauty and cleaning products. 

Similarly, How to House Plant by Heather Rodino is perfect for those looking to dip their toe into the world of plants. This is a beginners guide to keeping house plants and provides you with helpful advice when it comes to looking after succulents, indoor bloomers and many more. I really love this one as it is full of fun illustrations and insightful tips. 

My sports choice would be Formula One: Pursuit of Speed by Maurice Hamilton. If Racing is your thing then this collection of photography by Paul-Henri Cahier and Bernard Cahier is amazing. These stunning photos capture the drama on track between these legendary drivers whilst also giving you an insight into some of the teams and their cars from Williams and Red Bull to Mercedes and Ferrari. From my experience at Silverstone seeing these races stopped in time through photography is fantastic and I would highly recommend. 

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