Naked In A Giant Glass Box for a Week

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It is probably one of the bravest art projects in history, but this young Icelandic man, Almar Atlasson has decided that his first year art project will involve spending a week naked in a box, completely alone, and not even being able to go to the bathroom.

He needs to eat, sleep and you know what naked for everyone to see. One of the reasons for his idea is that he claims to be interested in finding out what would happen if he was totally dependent on his environment and surroundings, as well as the reactions created by his ‘performance’.

In order to be fed Almar is entirely dependent on the charity of the public, who can feed him through a window in his glass cage. In case someone is wondering how he goes about answering the call of nature, the answer is that he has plastic bags and a hole in the floor to dispose of ‘waste’. It is now day three so Almar has only four more days to go!

Feature picture from here.

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