New Indoor Market on North Street


In the past few weeks something has been going on in North Street, which is the creation of a brand new indoor market. With it’s own coffee bar, and numerous stalls run by independent business owners, the new market is definitely worth a visit. Bjournal went to explore, and had a chat with some of the stall owners.


Jason has made his business out of upcycling items and has transformed everyday items and given them a new lease of life in many different forms. The jewellery comes from different artists from around the world, many of them discovered whilst travelling. The wood decking is from the West Pier after it burnt down. Jason already has a stall in the artist’s corner on the Brighton Pier but his stall is brand new to the market, after the upstairs opened last weekend.


This is a brand new venture for Chevonne as she wanted to get out from behind the desk and try something new. Only a week into her business, she is yet to have a name for the company but is considering Beautiphil Home, after her mother who died last year. She says that this is a huge learning curve for her and is learning new things every day, when we spoke to her she was learning how to put a picture on the wall! The painting of the hens is an original piece, and she has a very adorable dog that you will surely meet if you go to visit.




Regina is from Peru, and moved to the UK ten years ago where she met her husband, and ultimately made her home. She has had this puppet making business for around seven years and everything is handmade by Peruvian women who either send her the items herself, or her mother ships them over for her. From finger puppets, which we had a lot of fun with, to children’s clothing and Christmas decorations, there are some gorgeous and incredibly unique items at her stall.

All of the puppets are handmade

12165339_10156224044615604_1473957530_oWe spoke to Amy, who was looking after the week old Family Store stall and Laines-based Boho Garden’s stall. Family Store stocks a selection of quirky prints and clothing, with many of the artists behind the work being locals of Brighton. You can find a variety of fascinating prints, some of which are inspired by cult films, as well as clothing such as hoodies and t-shirts with unique and striking designs. This new brand is definitely one to watch.


Boho Garden’s stall at indie-mart is quite the Alladin’s cave. On offer they had a wide array of jewellery, some of which is made by Afghan tribes. You can find some truly unique pieces here. The leather bags are designed by Boho’s owner and made in Morrocco, and there are plenty of bejewelled clutch bags which would make the perfect striking addition to any evening outfit… Although if you head here be warned – it’ll be hard to resist the gorgeous items on display.,


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