New Pier Sign Unveiled: Brighton Pier is The Palace Pier Once More!

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Brighton’s iconic pier is easily one of the city’s most recognisable landmarks – however there has been a long standing dispute regarding the signing of the pier.But now, much to locals delight, a new sign has been revealed!

Since 2000, when there was an unrecognised name change, the pier has been signed as ‘Brighton Pier’ rather than it’s official title of ‘Palace Pier’. However, after the sale of the pier back in 2016, it was once again renamed, back to it’s original ‘Palace Pier’, a move which was celebrated by many in the city. However, many were still disgruntled that the pier was not correctly signed, but two years later and bosses have listened to local communities.

New sign during construction. Image via Brighton Palace Pier Facebook page.

But, despite the new sign with the pier’s proper name, quite a few people are still not entirely satisfied. On a photo posted by Sharon Reed of the new sign in Facebook group ‘Brighton-Past’, many were quick to raise their concerns.

One particularly unhappy resident wrote “Would look even better with just the Palace Pier not Brighton Palace Pier we all know the pier is in Brighton we don’t need it in a full lit up sign to remind us”, with another disgruntled Brightonian commenting “Still not right Brighton should not be there.”

But this appears to be a fair compromise between locals and pier bosses – with the enormous amount of tourists that the pier attracts, the inclusion of ‘Brighton’ on the sign makes it easily recognisable, particularly as many people post photos of the sign all across social media sites.

The ‘Brighton Pier’ sign has featured on many an Instagram post, serving as fantastic publicity for the city. 

Regardless of the few complaints coming in, no one can deny that it’s fantastic to see the pier finally re-signed with it’s proper title!

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