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Ellie Ford- ‘July’ single


A petite and gentle sounding girl being towered over by a majestic harp is not something usually available to the mainstream but Ellie Ford and her surrounding musicians have made this possible.

My first Ellie Ford encounter was a chance gig I hadn’t planned to go to but am very pleased I came across. She and her band graced a very large stage for such a small team of people, but I was completely blown away by the elegance of her voice. Her lyrics take the listener through a journey with dark twists and hopeful turns and ‘July’, especially, is a mind brightening experience.

The slow beginnings of this song build up to an orchestral heart-burst accompanied by galloping clarinet and rhythm guitar. The video is simple and understated, keeping the viewer’s focus on the audio. The single raises anticipation for the album that’s to come in the new year, if ‘July’ and her past repertoire is anything to go on Ellie Ford and her bandmates may have a whirlwind of a year to come.

TTP 17My last experience watching these guys was at our very own ‘Together the People’ festival. This is a huge and generally very loud festival, yet these guys silenced the tent with their etherial harmonies and fluttering backing vocals. Ellie holds your attention throughout the show almost subconsciously.

TTP 16

Having seen these guys perform a few times I can safely say their Single Launch TONIGHT at Marwood Coffee Shop will be a show to remember. Catch them and their support, Screaming Tupelo from 8pm.

Check out the Video to July here:

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