Noisy neighbour crackdown with new out-of-hours service this weekend


A new service will be introduced in Brighton and Hove to follow up noisy neighbour complaints starting out-of-hours this weekend.

The Field Officers team currently operate on a daily basis between 12 noon and 8pm seven days a week.

Now, from Friday 7 December, residents will be able to report noise complaints throughout the entire weekend from 5pm on a Friday through to 9am on Monday morning.

A spokesperson for the council said: “Alongside a decline in the number of complaints to the Friday and Saturday night noise patrol over the last few years, there have been serious concerns raised about both the effectiveness of the service and safety of the staff.”

The council has admitted the difficulties in following up noise complaints in the past: “Stopping the noise safely and without risk on the night is becoming an increasing challenge, and has proved rarely successful”

The service seeks to contact the person responsible and tell them about the complaint, send out officers or recording equipment if the noise continues, in which action will then be taken if the situation does not improve.

According to the council website, the Field Officer’s main responsibilities include timely and effective responsive enforcement action to resolve problems in the community.

To contact the Field Officer teams with noise nuisance complaints, call 01273 293541 or email, and the team will get back to you the following day. 



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