West Pier: Brighton’s Landmark In Pictures


West Pier in Brighton and Hove often features as the central focus for the work of many photographers.

The seaside scenery provides ample opportunity to encapsulate its unique quirks and characteristics within the city.

Despite West Pier’s gradual deterioration after the fire in 2003, its skeletal structure remains a huge source of inspiration for photographers’ artistic portrayal of Brighton and Hove.

Brighton Journal has collected a series of images from photographers who best depict one of the city’s most-loved landmarks.

Please note all photographs featured here had permission granted by the authors of the content. 

© Paul Eustice. https://www.facebook.com/pauleusticephotography/

Here, West Pier at sunrise is a very still and calming place. This long exposure image suggests it is a sight to behold, with the sharp structure of the pier rising from the sea.

© Stu Short. http://www.stushort.com/

Brighton is known to incur huge waves once a popular site for longboarding around West Pier in the past.  Stu’s photograph emphasises this with the pier’s dominating structure looming at the top of the image.

© Solly Levi. https://www.sollylevi.com/

Alternatively, the stillness of the water on Brighton Beach offers a glassy reflection of the pier. Solly has epitomised city life by capturing a pair of seagulls brushing against the surface of the water.

© Jessica Prem Amita D’Alessandro. www.vertigeduvoyage.blog

This once Grade I-listed building stands prominently between the pillars on Brighton Seafront with wonderful perspective. Jessica captured the old pier beautifully on a recent visit to Brighton.

© Joseph Redwick


These warming colours are very comforting in the colder winter months. Joseph’s image nods to the remnants of the pier’s strange and sinister structure as the focal point of the photograph.

© Adam Riche

A Brighton sunset offers another fitting backdrop to West Pier here. The building, once containing a concert hall at the beginning of the 20th century, continues to sit proudly at the centre of Adam’s image.

© Antoni Emchowicz

Starlings flock to Brighton in autumn time as they like to roost in abandoned or derelict structures. This final image featuring a starling murmuration at dusk highlights how lucky we are as a city to witness such an incredible natural phenomenon in the colder seasons.

© Dave Mason

Dave has also managed to catch a starling murmuration in action showing some of the birds settling down to roost on an autumnal evening. The pier is clearly an important and appreciated structure by both people and birds.

A huge thank you to the contributions from the members of ‘Brighton Skies’ and ‘Brighton Photographers Group’ on Facebook. 


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