Parents Fears About Their Children Learning To Drive

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When you have children, sometimes just getting through each day feels like an achievement.
Then, all of a sudden reality smacks you in the face and bam! Your bambinos are off to
school, they’re making friends, riding a bike and before you know it, behind the wheel of a
killing machine. We’re not aiming to scare you, but it is scary, 78% of parents agree that
they’re terrified of their children learning to drive from a recent RAC survey. Funnily enough,
the fear doesn’t stem from being in the passenger seat while they’re learning (but we admit
that is pretty frightening too) but that day you celebrate tearing the ‘L’ plates off your baby’s
car as they fly off into the big bad dangerous world by themselves.

As a reassurance, because all mothers and fathers are in the same boat after all, here is the
latest RAC  on how you can feel more prepared for the day your child can start picking you
up from the pub (it’s not all bad news)!


Featured image by Kathleen Tyler Conklin

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