Philippe Ducasse performs ‘Lulu’ at Rotunda Theatre 23, 24, 25 May

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This year the Brighton Fringe will host Philippe Ducasse! He’s coming over from Europe to perform his 60minute one man show ‘Lulu’ at the Rotunda Theatre (Bubble) on 23rd, 24th, 25th May. He performs the show all over Europe and skilfully blends the science of psychology with the art of mime.

Philippe’s superb physicality uses clown, circus, dance and acrobatics as he takes his audience on a fantastical, journey…... across deserts, skies, Alan Watts lectures, striptease clubs, caves…… and much more. on a desperate quest to find Lulu…….but somehow his path always seems to take him back….. to where he started. The show is comical with dark undertones. For those audience members interested in deeper things ……. they will find it!  For those who just want to enjoy the spectacle and comedy ….. that’s there too!

Fionnuala Kavanagh writes:

“Strap in for a ride through the full spectrum of human emotions, from loneliness and melancholy to something close to love. Even the darkest points are delivered under a veil of humour,… light and energized throughout……mezmorizing dream sequences show Philippe’s excellent technical talent ………The music choices are also excellent …. the mime ignites the music and sets your imagination alight, Lulu is the story of a quirky character a reflection on what it is to be human”

Joanna Bassi

“A very beautiful show, combining the raw and the marvellous, with much laughter in between… Bravo!”

Philippe is a superb talent! He studied dance from a very early age and went on to study circus and mime at Die Etage……  He’s half French, half Italian, speaks 5 languages fluently, and has a psychology degree….. an amazing individual!


Suitable for 12 years and upwards


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