Police Praise Peaceful Crowd At Green Pride


If you went to Preston Park this weekend in the hopes of finding a nice spot for a kick-about or picnicing with pals, you would have noticed that it wasn’t quite the same crowd there as usual… Brighton’s annual Green Pride event, hosted by Brighton Cannabis Club, took place on Saturday 1st July and saw hundreds of people flocking to Preston Park to peacefully protest the legalisation of marijuana.

As the event is heavily publicised and talked about on social media platforms, Sussex Police were well aware of the event taking place and were there to “facilitate lawful protest” as well as to ensure that “people were aware of the legislation around cannabis”.

According to Chief Inspector Woolford, “There was a calm community feel throughout the day and the vast majority of those in attendance were well mannered and good spirited. The peaceful crowd was reflected by the low level of law enforcement”.

Throughout the day 13 people were given fixed-penalty fines, 7 were searched and one woman was arrested (before being de-arrested for lack of evidence).


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