Pomilly “I Wanted To Create Whimsical Things To Make People Smile”

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Millie, 23 describe’s herself as “A bit of an obsessive maker; I look at everything around me and try to understand how it was made, especially when it comes to textiles, whether that’s the construction of a handbag or the stitch and technique of a jumper someone is wearing on my bus commute to work. I studied Fashion and textiles (specialising in knitwear) at Winchester school of Art and there I learnt how to turn this fascination into designs! And when I’m not making I love exploring galleries and museums, I’m fascinated by other people’s passions. And when I’m not doing either of those, I’m usually curled up on the sofa with my dog watching films and drinking endless coffee!”


Not long out of university, Millie is currently living with her family and working out of her home studio (bedroom…). “I live in Felpham, not too far along the coast from Brighton. Actually I’m hoping to make the move to Brighton very soon!”


How would you describe your business?

“By night I crochet, I knit, and make. By day I work in an amazing fabric shop called ‘The Eternal Maker’ where I teach classes and sell lots of wonderful and useful things for makers. I also dabble as a Barista in our coffee shop there! I love my job but I wanted to work on something just for me and thus Pomilly was born! I wanted to create whimsical things to make people smile. At the moment I’m working mostly on crocheted items, these are very time consuming but I get a lot of trains so it’s sort of perfect! I love using techniques like crochet, knitting and embroidery to subvert the stereotype of those being traditionally ‘women’s work’ and reclaiming them as an art form!”


What were your influences/ inspirations?

“I’m really interested in Grayson Perry right now, as well as appreciating his contemporary and seductively striking work I admire how he works; he works alone and believes that in copying something and getting it a little bit wrong, it becomes something new! I’m also really inspired by the whole Etsy community, since joining a while ago. There are so many talented makers out there and it’s such positive feeling when you buy from an independent company or person!”


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Where do you sell? 

“I have an Etsy shop and I take custom orders through Instagram @millie_pom and email too.  This winter I exhibited at my first few markets; they were great fun and a very different experience, I learnt a lot from talking to people and loved meeting my customers!”


If you could be an animal, which would you be and why?

“I cant decide if I’d be some sort of bird or fish…either way I would get to see the world from a whole new perspective, whether that be from a great height or from the depths of the ocean. On second thoughts some of the creatures at the bottom of the sea look like something from a nightmare so I’ll choose bird!”

What do you love about Brighton?

“I could spend endless hours wandering around the lanes stopping for coffee and just observing, the town is so full of energy and colourful characters. I feel inspired there! And on top of that there’s a wealth of delicious vegetarian food, amazing shops and the beach, what more could you want?”


What would your inspiring message to humanity be?

“Do whatever makes you happy!”

Anything else that you might have planned for the future, events, markets, upcoming promotions?

“I’m looking at springtime markets at the moment; The Crafty Fox Market and Etsy Made Local are on my list to revisit this year! I’ve got a few custom crochet ‘not-neon’ signs to make for some lovely customers in the coming weeks and I’ve been working on a couple of projects that I’m really excited to get onto my Etsy soon, so watch this space…And as a special thank you to those reading this article please use this code for 10% off in my shop!!! LOVEBTN”

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