Pub Of The Week: The North Laine Brewhouse

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Craft ale’s are notoriously popular in Brighton. A locally sourced, Sussex inspired beverage seems to be all the rage – and this weeks pub of the week couldn’t have it’s pints brewed much closer to home. 

The North Laine Brewhouse brew their own beers on site, in huge cauldron like vessels behind the bar. As a result, the beers are as fresh as you can imagine, and the choice of pint exceeds expectations. The beer is crafted to near on perfection, with the choice almost overwhelming. The pub prides itself on the quantity and quality of it’s beer and that is fine. It is after all a Brewhouse, and it does what it does best. Serve beer.

The North Laine in all it’s glory – via flickr

The aesthetic of the pub is almost warehouse like – it is big and open and you’ll notice a lot of chrome. This compliments the brewing process; you feel as if you’re on a school trip to a scientific lab but at the end of the day you’re 5 pints in. Not a bad school trip.

Obviously it isn’t just the beer. There is a range of other alcohols available if beer isn’t your thing, but the great thing about the North Laine is the fact that the staff are so welcoming and so familiar with their produce that even if you don’t like beer, they’ll find one for you. It’s a nice process to have a professional coach you through your pint.

north laine
See, look it’s sciencey!

The wine list is a good size, as well as the selections of spirits – so don’t worry if you really really don’t like beer as they will have you covered. As far as pub activities go – the North Laine outdoes itself. There are constantly quizzes which due to the size of the mini brewery get loads of teams. There are also mini festivals hosted by the pub; Octoberfest celebrations as well local ale festivals.

The North Laine incorporates the feeling of a local pub into it’s quirky microbrewery feel, and that is an achievement in itself. The bar staff are friendly and helpful, and there is more than enough seating due to the size of the establishment. The outdoor seating doesn’t boast the nicest view, but you can see St. Peter’s from there and there are fairy lights to increase the cosy feel.

Brewed on site.

Food can make or break a pub. According to the North Laines Facebook page they are launching a new menu today – so obviously I can’t comment. But what I can say is that the food I’ve had there previously was an outstanding portion, and the quality mirrors the pints. Above average to say the least – and not overly pricey either. If the quality of drink is still something to go by, the new menu will be smashing as well!

Live bands during the week coupled with the reputation of the pub means it does get busy. Crowds aren’t a massive issue because it is a big place, and the busier it is the better the atmosphere.

The North Laine. Via Facebook
The North Laine. Via Facebook

Overall, The North Laine sets itself apart from other pubs in Brighton by having an absurd amount of pints to choose from all at a superb quality. And at the same time, it isn’t just another pre-club venue – the North Laine could easily be your local, isn’t that the benchmark we all look for?

All photos belong to the North Laine Brewhouse.

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