Royal Ascot: 5 Essential Tips For Having A Memorable Trip

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Few sporting events can match the glitz, glamour, and all-out fun of Royal Ascot. After all, this is about as high profile as sporting events come, and with a very noticeable royal presence, it’s an event that attracts those without a history of race-going. While it’s very much possible just to turn up and have a good time, you’ll need to know a few things if you want to make your trip extra memorable. And that’s just what we’re here to provide. On this page, you’ll find out where you should stay, why it’s useful to read up on some Ascot horse racing tips before you travel, what your all-important outfit should consist of, and some other useful tips. One thing’s more sure: take our advice on board, and you’ll be sure to have an excellent trip.

Stay Close To The Venue

Your trip will be much smoother if you’re staying nearby to the race ground. There are plenty within a twenty-minute walking distance of Royal Ascot, which will allow you to have a gentle stroll to the venue on the morning of the races. If it’s sunny, that’ll be the perfect way to stay the day!

You’ll find a wide variety of accommodation types. There are boutique B&Bs, Airbnb listings, and medium-sized hotels nearby. It’ll be best to book your accommodation early, as the best places do fill up quickly.

Do Your Research

It’s easy to have fun at Royal Ascot. You could turn up without knowing anything about horse racing and still have a good time. After all, this is an event that’s nearly as much about spending quality time with friends as it is horse racing.

With that being said, you’ll get more out of your visit if you have some understanding of what’s happening on the track. In the days leading up to your trip, take a read of some Ascot insights from horse racing’s leading experts. Your research will give you a deeper understanding — and appreciation — of the action. Plus, they might just help you to pick a winner! And that’s something that can really help take your Ascot adventure to the next level.

Pick a Stellar Outfit

You don’t just get to dress up for Royal Ascot. You actually have to. There’s a pretty strict dress code that all attendees have to follow, though some areas of the race ground have stricter rules than others. However, this is no bad thing. In fact, it’s part of the charm. This is your chance to really dress to the nines and look your brilliant best. Ladies should wear a fancy dress (think: wedding attire) with a hat, while gentlemen should wear a sharp suit. You can find the exact dress code that you need to follow on your ticket.

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After the Races

You’ll spend all day at the races. But does the fun stop as soon as you leave? Absolutely not. You’ll just be moving into a different kind of fun. There’s always a top-level atmosphere around Ascot during the races, and that goes well into the evening. There are plenty of lovely bars and restaurants within walking distance of the race ground. If you’re planning to eat dinner in the area, it’ll be best to make a reservation since things will naturally be busy!

Multiday Trip

You’ll be visiting Ascot primarily for the horse racing, but no law says you have to return home after the action is over. If this is one of your main trips of the year, you can look at extending your journey for a few days and exploring the sights near Royal Ascot. There are plenty of attractions that are worthy of your time! For example, what about saying hello to the Queen at Windsor Castle? It’s only six miles from the race ground. The Savill Garden is also recommended; it’s one of the best gardens in the country.


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