Ruby Moon organising Brighton sea swim event this Sunday to mark the full moon

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The sustainable swim and activewear brand Ruby Moon is organising a sea swim event in Brighton this Sunday to mark the full moon.

This event will start with a yoga session on the beach opposite The Lawns Cafe, led by Yoga in the Lanes owner Bridgett Ane Goddard, after which people can swim in the sea.

This event is free and open to all ages, and it begins at 6 pm.

People on the beach during a full moon swim event in July 2022. (Image: Ruby Moon)

Jo-Anne Godden, Ruby Moon founder, said: “It’s a lovely way for people to gather on the beach. It’s been very successful we have people coming from London and Kent.

“People love it, especially the ones we do in the summer when the weather is good. We have had up to five hundred people.”

DJ Ben Williams will provide the music for this event, including relaxing music during the yoga session and upbeat music after the swim is complete when people can dance.

People swimming in the sea during a full moon swim event in July 2022. (Image: Ruby Moon)

Bridgett Ane Goddard, said: “To meet on the beach under the full moon and to take time to connect, in that way, connects us all. It’s incredibly powerful.

“The energetic level of everyone coming together is just outstanding! We’ve had babies, grandparents, and folks who maybe aren’t comfortable going to a formal yoga class come along.”

This event is accessible to people who are immobile or less mobile, as the yoga session enables them to be involved in whichever way they can.

Jo-Anne Godden, said: “During this event, people might want to set intentions or let go of things that have happened in the last month or things they just want to forget.

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“People might not even want to do the yoga; they might just want to sit there and look at the ocean. They might want to do the yoga but don’t want to go in the water. It’s about what you want to get out of it.”

Ruby Moon’s full moon swim events have been held monthly for the last four years, and around fifty people attend during the winter months.

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