Shelter Hall Finally Reopens, Faces Opposition To Become Licensed

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After five years of refurbishment, Brighton’s Shelter Hall is finally reopening as customers are now welcomed in.

Shelter Hall, an open space for all local and independent food vendors within a single building, provides a concept which allows local businesses rather than large chain brands to create a food court style environment which seeks to encourage citizens to support Brighton food businesses.

Such an exciting project has even drawn Masterchef winner Kenny Tutt to open ‘Ox Block’, his first kitchen in the location.

His passion for cooking local, well reared meat is shown through the business where he focuses on good Brighton ingredients that provide simple and well-done cookery.

The relaxed atmosphere also provides a great space where diners can experience all different types of food, being able to mix and match, creating and unique meal while patronising a number of different local businesses.

After a difficult year for the hospitality industry, it is seen as a very exciting and uplifting project to exist with business, community and employment all benefitting from the hall finally opening up.

However, there is opposition due to their requests to be granted a licence on the premises.

Sessions Market, the team behind the hall is being accused of trying to switch from being a place to eat to a more drinking focused venue, according to rival businesses.

They have laid out plans to reduce the number of kitchens serving late meals and is considered to be changing its layout in a manner that would become essentially a waited bar.

The anonymous written complaint objecting to these plans is due to Sessions Market now wanting variations to the licencing conditions that it accepted less than a year ago.

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These changes include taking out tables and allowing vertical drinking, with promotional material highlighting the plans for live music, DJ sets and other opportunities for up-and-coming musicians and performers.

These objections have also been supported by the council’s licencing department and Sussex Police who said they do not feel that it is not responsible and would be an ‘extremely generous licence’

Shelter Hall in response said there is no intention to change their business model, but instead just wanted the flexibility to help its tenants’ businesses survive while providing a more civilised and premium offer on the seafront.


Photo Credit: Rick Barrett





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