Six Job Ideas For 2022

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The way people work today is rapidly changing. Nowadays, we are seeing more people retraining for a career change or wanting to try their hand at something different because their current job is feeling a little stale and repetitive.

Hundreds of thousands of people escape their humdrum jobs each year by retraining or brushing up their skills to pursue more satisfying employment or going freelance and starting to work for themselves.There is a wide array of roles you can take on in 2022 that can make your working life more exciting and fulfilling. Here we look at six great job ideas you should consider this year.

Online tutor

You don’t have to be an expert in maths or English to become an online tutor. There is a massive demand for people to share their skills and knowledge across various topics. 

Can you play the guitar or another musical instrument well enough to teach the basics to absolute beginners? Can you speak a second language? Teaching conversational French or Spanish to Ex-pats or those planning to move to another country to set up home is a skill that is in great demand

Social media manager

Many thousands of small and medium-sized businesses in the UK are looking to appoint someone to manage and grow their social media presence. 

Suppose you have some previous experience running campaigns on social media or managing your current workplace Facebook account. In that case, you can take this a step further by helping other companies improve their social-selling abilities by managing multiple accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. 

Freelance bookkeeper

If you are good with figures and enjoy managing your own budget, you should consider working as a bookkeeper. Many small and micro-business owners struggle to find the time to manage their own books and finances. 

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Bookkeepers perform tasks such as recording business income and expenses and preparing financial reports. You can reach out to local small businesses to see if they want any help managing their books. 

Business email marketer

If you are good at writing emails with an emotional hook and a headline that people cannot resist opening, you should look at working as a business email marketer. 

In this role, you would manage the email campaigns for your business clients. It can help to offer a free trial where you demonstrate your skill for boosting email subscribers. Once a potential employer sees your results, they will clamour to snap up your services.

Personal trainer

If you are into fitness and want to break out of your stuffy nine to five job, then training to be a personal trainer should be your goal this year. Training to become a certified personal trainer is widely available. Courses are cost-effective, and you can become fully qualified in just a few weeks.Once you start taking on clients, it can help you stay organised by keeping client records and running a calendar in Microsoft Office for Business to keep track of your client bookings. 

Website designer

Here is another job where you don’t need to hold a fancy degree to do it successfully. If you have a passion for designing websites, you can sell your skills to companies of all sizes. 

You will need to be proficient in using WordPress, Adobe Illustrator, UX, and CSS and have the ability to tailor websites to meet the needs of your clients. You can easily earn a good side or full-time income with these skills.


To excel in these roles, you should consider brushing up your skills in computer programs like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and more through a Microsoft Certified Academy.

People can take training courses while still being employed if they want to brush up on their skills to land a new role. This way, they can launch their own business or get a new job based on their proven skills rather than what exams they passed at school many years ago.

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