#SouthernFail As Kiosk Problems Hold Up Passengers Again At Brighton Station

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Passengers were left frustrated again this morning as a problem with out-of-order ticket machines made many miss their trains.

This is yet another recurrence of faults with the machines that marks the continuation of a sordid saga on the Southern Rail Network that passengers who have to use Brighton Station have had no choice but to put up with.

Many passengers left frustrated this morning were trying to get to Gatwick for morning flights and found themselves cutting it fine, with the disrupted ticket service at the station adding to mounting tension and anger.

One passenger remarked of the poor service they’d experienced that the train tickets on their journey to Gatwick Airport from Eastbourne, via, Brighton, had cost more than their International flight!

This morning’s frustrated situation was yet another instance in which passenger’s powerlessness was clearly evident. There is an expectation that faults, delays and cancellations are now an inevitability on a service that many have no choice but to rely on nonetheless.

Many passengers, without much alternative other than sucking it up and accepting the situation, complained that they aren’t seeing any value for money in the prices they pay for tickets, some of the highest prices in the country.

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