Study Shows Brighton is Britain’s Most Stressful City to Live In

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Brighton has received a label that doesn’t particularly seem to fit it. The city is seen by most as an idyllic spot, with its beautiful beach and its endless spree of amazing cafes and hipster hotspots.

However, Brighton is apparently the most stressed out city in Britain, according to a study conducted by the Local Authority Building Commission.

The surprising result sees Brighton in front of Leicester in 2nd and London in 3rd, although sadly finishing first in this list is not a victory.

The ratings were worked out first using the National Well-Being index which was conceived by the Office for National Statistics. This looks at people’s “health, relationships, education and skills”. They then implemented into this factors such as pay levels, house prices and commute times, creating a reasonably rounded set of criteria. This helps to work out the anxiety levels and life satisfaction in an area.

The reasons cited for Brighton’s top placement comes primarily from the cost of living, with prices near to that of London but wages not reflecting this. A city’s placement is worked out based on how comfortable people can live, not on how much they earn.

As a result of this, less stereotypically glamorous places like Derby, Aberdeen and Coventry were the least stressful. While there is some definite logic in these results, it is still doubtful as to just how accurate a reflection they represent.


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