Sussex Police Under Fire For Pride Wrapped Cars

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Sussex Police Force have come under fire for showing off their pride adorned car on Twitter. An inspector tweeted, “Picked up our #pride car all ready to support @EastbournePride and @HastingsPride as part of pride season”, to which many locals responded angrily.

Despite the good intentions, some tweeters have argued it’s a waste of the tax payer’s money…

…Some just didn’t see the point in it…

…And many were puzzled as to how they could afford it with so many budget cuts…

…Others simply questioned whether or not it’s the police’s job to promote such causes:

Amongst the barrage of criticism though, one woman pointed out that it was an important statement:

Other tweeters simply appreciated the car in all its bright beautiful glory:

Sussex police did go to Twitter to defend themselves, claiming the cars cost £750 and came out of an assigned diversity budget.

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Once Brighton, Hastings & Eastbourne pride events are over the cars will keep their rainbow wrapping. 


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