Swanning Around: Railway delays after swan blocks lines between Hove and Worthing

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Many will be all too familiar with the dreaded Southern Railway announcement: “Southern are sorry to announce…” followed by a list of the most recent delays and cancellations. However, today’s announcement dealt with a rather humorous occurrence, where a particularly stubborn swan blocked the lines between Hove and Worthing this morning.


Southern Railway took to Twitter to explain the peculiar event and the subsequent delays it caused, humouring a lot of commuters!


In order to remove the swan from the tracks, the electric current than runs between the lines had to be shut down to prevent the bird from being electrocuted whilst it was removed from the track.


It took approximately one hour to resolve the situation, resulting in delays of up to thirty minutes and cancellations. Southern Railway have encouraged passengers who faced a delay of fifteen minutes or more should seek Delay Repay on the Southern Website.


Credit: Mike Davis

Stranded passengers took to Twitter to share their disgruntled (although amused) views on the situation. Many were in disbelief about the bizarre cause of delay:

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Featured image: Mark Clitheroe

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