Tango Ice Blast and Brighton i360 surprise beachgoers with ‘Ed Sheeran lookalike’

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Tango Ice Blast, the UK’s leading frozen drink brand, and the iconic Brighton i360 Viewing Tower, recently teamed up to film a social media campaign 450ft above Brighton beach. The filming featured Ty Jones, who is a professional Ed Sheeran lookalike, and sparked curiosity among onlookers. Perched on a pink deckchair during the Brighton i360’s Walk experience, filmed by a team of videographers and a drone, beachgoers were convinced that they were seeing the real Ed Sheeran as he sat on the deckchair taking in the views drinking a Tango Ice Blast.

A representative from Tango Ice Blast says: “We’re always looking for bold and exciting ways to engage with our fans, and filming on the i360 roof fitted this brief well, so is the perfect way to launch our new ‘Shout Out’ flavours, showcasing the adventurous spirit and excitement that our brand embodies. We can’t wait for our customers to try these new flavours and experience the thrill themselves. Big thanks to i360 for collaborating with us to try the Walk 360 experience. It was an amazing opportunity that really pushed boundaries.”

Ty, whose stage name is Ned Sneeran, has been an Ed Sheeran lookalike for several years after people at his school noticed the resemblance, and he started to become mistaken for the famous singer daily on the street.  Bolstering his Ed identity, Ty has even learnt to sing and play the guitar – which hasn’t gone unnoticed by the real Ed Sheeran who he has met over a pint.

Ty has worked with Tango Ice Blast for three years and undertaken a few daredevil challenges for the brand, from skydiving to now walking 450ft in the air on a glass pod.

Speaking about the experience, Ty said: “Shooting on the i360 roof was an absolute blast! The anticipation and speculation it sparked around Brighton was incredible. It was great to see so many people excited about what we were doing. I love the new Tango Ice Blast flavours—they’re refreshing and perfect for the summer. Walking on top of the i360, taking in the incredible sights with the gorgeous weather and a Tango Ice Blast in hand, was an unforgettable experience.”

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