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Brighton Journal | 27th May 2020

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The Best of Brighton Street Style: along with the easy and ethical place to shop for it.

The Best of Brighton Street Style: along with the easy and ethical place to shop for it.
Hannah Midgley

Welcome to the first ‘Best of Brighton’s Street Style’ look-book edition! Here I am re-creating all the best ‘street style’ looks so far, so all of you can get inspired and potentially add some great new pieces to your wardrobes. This week I’m starting with your vital wardrobe basics, with a super basic and accessible place to buy them: eBay. Now, I know what you’re thinking; “there’s nothing actually nice on eBay”, but this is where you’re wrong. eBay is known for having not only rare pieces of vintage couture but also great retro and contemporary pieces for absolute bargains. What’s not to love?

The first basic wardrobe necessity, particularly here in Brighton, is a pair of denim dungarees. These are completely unisex, and look great on everybody! On eBay, there are plenty of different styles to choose from, both pre-owned and brand new, so go and check them out. Another thing to remember, denim dungarees can be dressed up and down, they can be for work, or for everyday style – also a great transitional garment to wear as we get into the warmer months; either with a jumper underneath or a t-shirt.

The next wardrobe essential is a simple coat, these can be casual or a work outfit staple – and despite the warmer days, it’s Britain and you never know when the cold and rain will spring on you!

These coats include a stylish and simple suit-coat which can tie any workwear outfit together, or look just as great with a pair of jeans. I also had to the include a ‘teddy bear’ jacket, a more transitional coat for warmer seasons when you want a lighter layer, and also come in a range of different colours on eBay too. I also thought I would add in a puffer coat, these are so in, and a classic, also in a great shade of Spring olive green, I love it!

High-waisted trousers are a must all year round, eBay can show you how many different styles and just how adaptable these trousers are for different events and lifestyles. High-waisted trousers can be causal, such as in linen (flowy) fabric, or denim jeans – or even that insane holographic fabric for evening nights. They can also be discrete and simple, great for work, or every day out and about – even paired with a funky pattern.

Graphic t-shirts are a great addition to your wardrobes, and eBay has a ton of them. Not only is the classic t-shirt a sign of Summer and hopefully of more hot weather to come, but it’s also a great means of layering when the weather isn’t as nice as we want. Graphic t-shirts are also great for adding colour to your outfit, they come in loads of designs and colours – you can definitely find one to add to your wardrobe!

Finally, it’s the accessories, now in the ‘Brighton Street Style’ articles, pretty much every week I’ve gone off about how its the attention to detail that really makes an outfit – so I had to look for the best pieces. Boots, head scarfs and circular sunglasses. Despite boots not being the most summery footwear, these Timberland inspired ones really stayed in my head, and I think they’re versatile and can work with anything; be it work or social. Head scarfs are a great addition to any outfit, and really work with the vintage trends at the moment – eBay has so many different ones, all for cheap prices, you definitely need to see them. The circular sunglasses are accessories I’ve seen on everyone, again working with current vintage trends, they look great and are a nod to Summer.

I hope this look-book article has been helpful and hopefully inspired some new ideas within your wardrobes! Go check out some garments and new ideas on eBay – even go and sell some yourself!

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