The Best Online Casino Games for Brighton Residents

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Casino games have been popular for well over a century. Poker, blackjack and slots have reached new audiences around the world since the advent of the internet. In England and the city of Brighton, these pursuits are played on mobile devices anywhere and everywhere, in the home, during a commute and even socially.

Brighton is home to a number of physical casino establishments and residents also have the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of gaming online. Via apps and internet platforms, there are a number of offers for people in the city to utilise in order to boost gameplay. These include free spins, a casino bonus and loyalty rewards. It’s important to compare and assess promotions to find one that suits your preferences.

This article will explore the best games for people in Brighton to play to enhance their betting experience.


With a number of popular physical casinos based in Brighton, residents have the opportunity to play socially inside venues. However, it is online where they can really enjoy the pursuit. With a number of global tournaments to enjoy, residents in this part of England can take on fellow players and enthusiasts all over the world from the comfort of their own home.

For instance, there are an estimated 100 million poker players around the globe as the game’s popularity continues to soar with smartphones, tablets and the internet making gaming more accessible and convenient than ever before. So, while based in Brighton, locals could take on bettors based in America, Europe or beyond.

One of the key pulls of online poker is the excitement of trying to bluff your opponent by convincing the table you have the highest ranking hand of five cards. Whilst it is a simple game dependant ultimately on luck there is still an element of skill required to outwit your fellow gamers. The need for strategy and swift decisions adds to the thrill.


Slots is another popular game that has enjoyed the switch to online. The aim of slots is to match symbols on a reel and the anticipation to see the line-up is part of the main excitement. There are a number of opportunities to enhance the gameplay when playing via apps or online sites with many platforms offering features like free spins, bonus rounds and progressive jackpots which can add an extra dimension to your gaming.

What’s more, technological developments have introduced a number of themes to slots online which add to the appeal so if you are a fan of sport, perhaps a Brighton & Hove Albion fan, there is a football version out there available to play. Film and music are also covered along with a host of other themes and there is something for everyone via a number of different platforms.


Blackjack offers Brighton residents entertainment with just three cards at the start of the game. The aim is to get the better of the dealer by getting as close to 21, or closer than the dealer, as possible. However, it is game over the moment the tally goes above 21 and so it is important to think smart and make decisions based on percentages. For example, some players with a tally of 19 or 20 would elect to stick as the chances of going over 21 from that position are high. It’s a wise move, therefore, to take some time to assess odds and outcomes so that you know how some games could turn out and can make smart decisions based on this knowledge.


Baccarat is a similar game to blackjack which involves landing on or as getting as close to a total as possible. There are some key differences though. In baccarat, the magic figure is nine and so a smaller figure requires a different strategy to blackjack and different decision making.

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To start, the player and dealer each receive two cards – if the initial total is less than five, a third card is added to the hand. It’s important to be aware before playing that aces count as one and face cards, that’s Jack, Queen and King, count as zero. What’s more, there is another twist; if the original hand goes over nine, this total is reduced by ten, meaning players can not be out when the cards are first dealt.

Live Dealer Games

The advent of the internet and technological developments have enhanced the online casino industry, giving gamers in Brighton the opportunity to transport themselves to new worlds as they play. Virtual reality (VR), for instance, allows people in Brighton to play with live dealers who may not be in the UK or even Europe. With VR, gamers can play while on the move or at home, with the technology making it feel like you are in a physical, real betting environment.

Augmented reality (AR), meanwhile, produces useful information and statistics as digital images on to a physical environment. Such advancements like VR and AR have helped locals in Brighton enhance their gaming experience and find new and exciting ways to play traditional, classic pursuits.

Summing Up

Brighton is home to some of the top casinos in the UK with residents also able to play a range of different games online. Players can game using a smartphone or tablet and enjoy a range of benefits when playing via apps or internet platforms, from improved security and strong customer support services to different promotions and a variety of games like blackjack, poker and slots.

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