The Free Good Deed Network Launching In Brighton

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Ever had some free time on your hands and wanted to use it to help your community? It can be hard to know where to start, how to make a difference, or who needs what kind of help.

New social networking site Helpfulpeeps is seeking to overcome these issues, allowing people to share their time, energy, skills and knowledge to help each other.

The idea is simple – you post asking for help when you want it, and respond to give your help when you can. The founders of Helpfulpeeps describe this as ‘the karma economy’ – what you give out, you get back in return. 

Although Brighton and Hove is home to many strong and vibrant communities, it’s all too easy to feel distant from your neighbours in an age of fast-living and new technologies – which is why the site is launching in town.

Users sign up for free with their email and they can then either post a request or browse their feed to see if there’s anything they can lend a hand with in their neighbourhood.
The website tells you who needs help with what and where, and puts you in touch directly. Whether it’s cat sitting or learning a new language, moving a sofa or lending a hand at a charity event, everyone can help and be helped in return. 

Bristol-based Helpfulpeeps now runs in 40 countries, and was founded by Saf Nazeer and Simon Hills. They both left successful careers in the corporate world to pursue a life driven by purpose rather than money.

Photo by Barbara Evripidou
Photographer: Barbara Evripidou

The idea has been backed by the likes of Heart, Yahoo, Business Insider, Made, and the BBC.

To find out more and to sign up, click here.

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