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Ever fancied yourself as a bit of a Sherlock Holmes? Do you have a love of murder mysteries? Or just fancy something different to do with you and your mates? Well I have the answer. In 2007, Japan took the idea of the classic click and flash escape games and turned them into a reality, the rest of the world quickly followed suit and now Brighton has their very own version of the classic game. Escape Game Brighton has two missions so far, Murder at Brighton Pier and Laboratory of a Mad Man. In Murder at Brighton Pier puts you in the middle of a crime scene, playing the part of top investigators. You have to work out who the murderer is using clues you find in the room before the time runs out. In Laboratory of a Mad Man, your team have been poisoned by a mad scientist and have to find the antidote hidden somewhere in the room. Each game is sixty minutes long and each team can consist of up to five people. It’s suitable for everyone, it would be a great family activity, a really unique first date idea, or even a teambuilding exercise for businesses. You can be completely new to escape games, or you can be an expert, the game really is for everyone. It looks really exciting and is something fun and unique to do, especially on a cold rainy day like today. If you want to find out more about prices, how to book, or check out their FAQ’s, go to their website

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