The Great Escape Opening Night ‘Beach House’ Party!

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The Great Escape is in town from today (17th May) until Saturday (19th May)! The festival brings young, mostly unsigned, talent from all over the world to play at over 30 venues across Brighton. With over 450 artists playing this year, Brighton will be taken over by the who’s who of the music industry for the next three days. It’s arguably the best place in Europe to discover new music and is hailed for being the chilled out, cool distant cousin of SXSW in Austin, Texas. While SXSW is very brand-led and commercial, The Great Escape keeps their focus on the music and the people. This year we’ve got a pass into the festival so we’ll be using it to talk to some of the bands playing and to show you the best dressed and most interesting people of the weekend. Last night we headed down to the opening party to see what was happening!

Behind these three lovely people is a silver screen board on which The Great Escape have invited party goers to draw their names or whatever they’d like! It was already filling up pretty quickly but we’ll get another shot over the weekend to see if we can spot any big musicians!

These two guys were enjoying the booze and the warm weather as the party unfolded on the beach. The ‘Beach House’ is a venue which has been specially constructed for The Great Escape this weekend. There’s a bar, food vans, food stalls, a venue and plenty of outdoor seating. If you have a Delegates pass make sure to check it out!

The Beach Party went on from 5pm to 11pm and offered the Delegates of the festival a chance to schmooze and mingle. The outdoor seating area was full of people getting excited for the music and parties of the next three days.

Jimmy’s Beer are sponsoring the festival. Here are two revellers enjoying their free pints at the bar!

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Terry and Jim have come down to The Great Escape to enjoy the music on offer and promote their fledgling streaming service. Jesper is also here for the music and is the CEO of WARMmusic (World Airplay Radio Monitor.)

Again, in front of the silver screen this charming trio were eager to have their picture taken! The Great Escape brings together an amazing group of people so keep an eye on our website and instagram feeds for more coverage!

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