The Guilty Feminist Live in Brighton

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“I’m a Feminist, but…”

Lucky us! Comedian Deborah Frances-White – joined by Angela Barnes, Jen Brister, Sophie Duker, and Grace Petrie – is coming to Brighton for a live Guilty Feminist show!

The Guilty Feminist is a popular comedy podcast that features intersectional guests on a panel to discuss the lived experience and intricacies of being a feminist to a live audience. It has had over 50 million downloads since it’s launch in 2015.

The discussions have proved increasingly popular, with Deborah and the team making it into the Guardians list of Top 50 Podcasts 2018. They explore themes such as menstruation, exercise and shaving, in a way that doesn’t feel exclusively intense and is accessible to everyone.

For the live tour, Deborah Francis White and guests, are coming together on stage to discuss the things which all contemporary feminists agree on – whilst also importantly confessing the insecurities, hypocrisies and fears which undermine these ‘noble goals’ in 2019.

Head down to the Brighton Centre on Sunday the 26th of May for a hilarious evening of beers, discussion of fears and maybe even some tears to explore the intricacies of being a feminist in modern day Britain.

Tickets are £16.75 and are available here.

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