The Lure of Brighton: Why do people move here?

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If you live in Brighton, you know all about why you love and stay in the area but for the outsiders moving into the city there is a whole other set of reason why it is just so popular.


The main attraction has and always will be the arts and culture.


Famous for the unique and culturally significant aura that only Brighton has, the soul of the city is located at destinations like The Royal Pavilion with its galleries and exhibitions, The street art that is home to some of the best graffiti and individual expressions of design and the array of festivals such as Fringe, Pride and the Brighton Festival which all possess just a taste of the cities diversity.


Another key attraction is the convenience of the city.


With the pure walking ability to travel the length of the city on foot, the constant introduction of new cycle lanes and the high-speed trains that can reach London in less than an hour make Brighton such a viable option to anyone adverse to living in the capital or who simply wants a better life.

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For international travel and even important figures in business, Brighton to Gatwick Airport takes less than 25 minutes.


The beach is also the unforgettable jewel of the city, with swimmable waters and an eight-mile-long beach that while home to tourists year-round, also serves as a resident’s local paradise.


Perhaps the most unexpected reason is expression.


Despite the historic and inclusive nature of cities like Manchester and London, Brighton is actually considered a capital of LGBTQ+ culture, with a proud and indiscriminatory nature and the freedom for all those who live here.


Such freedom and belonging is mirrored in all the city has to offer, with the independent creators, designers, artists and restaurants all showcasing their works and creations in all the hotspots from North and South Lanes to Churchill Square.


With such a liberal and open society, Brighton has created itself a haven where art, living, work and personality can all co-exist.


Photo Credit: Jessica Rockowitz


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