The Most Unusual Sports for Betting

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Today, sports betting is very popular among all age and social categories of people. This is due to a variety of offers from leading bookmakers – bonuses, generous gifts, wide lines, excellent odds, fast payouts. For example, the famous company 20Bet offers its customers generous 20Bet promotions, which undoubtedly play into your hands.


However, regardless of how people come to bookmakers, the choice of sports discipline remains classic. Most often bets are placed on such popular sports as soccer, hockey, basketball, tennis, well, maybe also on boxing, volleyball, handball, “KC: GO” and “Dota 2”. However, a dozen other gaming disciplines in bookmakers remain a blank spot for most bettors.


Today we will tell you about unusual sports in today’s sportsbooks and betting on them.


Darts is a rather popular game in the West, the essence of which consists in throwing darts at a round target. It is traditionally played in pubs in Britain, Netherlands, USA, Denmark, Finland and some other countries. However, few bettors know that many bookmakers also accept bets on this game discipline.


Most often in bookmakers available types of bets on darts: outcomes, exact score on sets, totals and handicaps on sets, checkout (the end of the game in one approach) and total approaches to 180 points. In addition, you can make a long-term bet on the winner of the tournament. The main thing when betting on darts is to consider the psychological state and concentration of your opponents, as well as their willingness to take risks.



Cricket is one of the British national sports, dating back to the 16th century. Cricket is played by two teams of 11 players each. The winner of the match is the team that throws the highest number of balls into the gates (wickets) of the opponent. Herewith, the number of missed balls is not considered in determining the winner.

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The most common in bookmakers bets on outcomes, double odds, totals and handicaps wounds, personal performance players, and the first inning (pitch). In addition to a thorough pre-match analysis, when betting on cricket it is important to take into account the results of the draw before the match, the weather conditions, and the quality of the field.

Ski Jumping

Ski Jumping is a full-fledged sport, not the entertainment of the rich at some expensive Swiss resort. It is even part of the Winter Olympics program. The results are judged on the range and technique – the aesthetic component of the jump.


As a rule, betting on ski jumping is limited to betting on the winner of the tournament. When placing such bets, weather and wind must be taken into account, as they can lead to the most unpredictable results. Accordingly, placing ski jump bets makes no sense without looking at the weather forecast.


Pesapallo (Finnish baseball) is a team game with a bat and a ball that is considered the national sport of Finland. The goal of the game is almost the same as in the usual baseball: to score as many points as possible by hitting balls and running through the zones. Unlike classic baseball, in its Finnish version, the ball is thrown upward. This makes the game faster and more spectacular technically. Every three years, the Finnish Baseball World Cup is held, featuring teams from Finland, Germany, Sweden, Australia, and Switzerland.


Unfortunately, most bookmakers only offer bets on the outcome of Finnish baseball games (of course, if you bet with Finnish bookmakers, there are many more betting options on pesapallo).



Floorball is probably the most unusual type of hockey because it is played in the hall, and even with a ball. As in hockey, the goal of the game is to score as many goals as possible in the opponent’s goal, and the fight itself consists of three periods of 20 minutes. At the site may be simultaneously up to six players, including the goalkeeper (a team can declare a match for up to 20 athletes).


Floorball can no longer be called “exotic” in bookmakers’ offices because there are plenty of bets on it: outcomes, double odds, handicaps, totals, the results of periods, as well as the outcome of the championships. Everything included in the pre-match analysis of hockey matches is also relevant for floorball duels.

Gaelic Soccer

Gaelic soccer is Ireland’s national sport with some common roots with rugby and soccer. Gaelic soccer is played between two teams of 15 players whose main task is to score as many goals as possible against the opposing team (3 points) or the area between the two goal posts at a height of 2.5 meters (1 point). You can move the ball on the field and score goals with your hands or feet.


A bookmaker’s office with a good spread on Gaelic soccer is still to be found, but if you find it, a player can bet on many things: outcomes, total and individual totals, halftime totals, victory with handicaps, halftime/match, and more. The most important factor to consider when betting on Gaelic soccer is the physical condition of the players.


Betting on sports is always incredibly exciting and interesting. The main thing is to play the bets responsibly: then they will bring both pleasure and winnings.

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