The Photography Club February Exhibition

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Recently, The Photography Club called for their first submission of the year, which just happened to be around the theme of our beloved Brighton. ‘What Brighton Means to Me’ will be showcased in February, and contains photography by local Brighton photographers.

The Photography Club exhibitions feature photocopied/Xerox photography from photographers around the world. Photocopying is one of the cheapest ways to get photography printed, and The Photography Club aims to ‘get photography off the Internet and get printed matter back into the hands of the public’. Since 20011 they have hosted over twenty exhibitions in Brighton, London, Bristol, Hong Kong, Berlin and San Francisco and have worked with the likes of Huck magazine and the Brighton Photo fringe.

The Photography Club wanted images that showed what ‘Brighton means to you’. The Photography Club was born in Brighton, and the exhibition will take place at MY BRIGHTON throughout February, and will also include a weekend of zine making workshops. You can check out some of the submissions below.

photograph by Sandra Harper
photograph by Katiebv
photograph by David Newby


Holly Martin

featureimage: Nicholas Powell 

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