The Spirit of Woodstock coming to Caravanserai, Brighton this May’s Fringe

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Summer of Love” Open Air Theatre Duo Due in Brighton Something Underground’s Open Air shows  The Spirit of Woodstock AND Children of the Revolution plays new funky venue Caravanserai, Brighton 18-21 May

How is it possible, to attend, right here in Brighton the world’s largest free festival, with over 500,000 people all squeezed together on a dairy farm in northern New York State? To witness the shooting of Bobby Kennedy; watch the launch of Apollo 11; be part of an anti-Vietnam war riot in Chicago; be a chopper pilot ferrying the world’s most famous musicians upstate; meet the captain of a Russian nuclear submarine submerged off the coast of Cuba; to be a musician about to step out onto the stage at Woodstock?

And how…. In this time of soaring oil costs, tight global tensions, women’s reproductive rights under pressure, Northern Ireland back in the headlines, talent shows, the EEC in the balance, the environment battling to survive, new diseases afoot and renewed nuclear threats, can a second show, about the 70s, that deftly delves into the decade that most echoes our own times, actually be a way to see our current world through a lens that is both hilarious and chilling by turns? 

Witnessing fans mourn the break up of the Beatles, Apollo 13 astronauts fight for their lives, Ian Paisley call for “No Surrender”, Greenpeace being founded, decimalisation, the 1st New York Gay Pride Parade, the Munich Olympic village hostages, miners at the picket line, the 3 day week, Hughie Green & Opportunity Knocks, the shambolic evacuation of Saigon, beachgoers in the ’76 drought, the Sex Pistols drawn at dawn, Thatcher enter Downing Street, Magic Roundabout, and many more moments… how can you experience all this and yet stay sane in this crazy day and age?

It’s simple. Multi-award-winning Brighton-based theatre company Something Underground are bringing both their open air stage shows (The Spirit of Woodstock & Children of the Revolution) to the amazing cornucopia-esque venue of Caravanserai, as part of Brighton Fringe, this May.
The music, the protests, the moon landings, the civil rights movement, the adverts, the Anti-war protesters, the women’s liberators, the music, the musicians and the personalities.
In The Spirit of Woodstock, Jonathan Brown plays 65 of these 60s characters in quick succession. In the 70s sequel, Children of the Revolution, on the same day, new decade, he does it all again. The whole thing imbued with the soundscapes of the times.
So, enjoy the whole show with your picnics, wrapped up in anticipation of warm mid-summer breezes, in a funky new Fringe Venue, and ready to be taken back to a time that for many… was golden.

Where: Caravanserai, St Peter’s Church, Brighton.
When: 18-21 May 4.30pm-6.30pm

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