The Top 3 Best Land-Based Casinos in Brighton

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As you all know, Brighton is a beautiful seaside town and it provides an amazing experience going out in its fantastic range of restaurants, clubs and casinos. The best land-based casinos you can visit are Grosvenor, Genting and Rendezvous Casino in Brighton.

These are excellent if you want to visit a casino where you can do more than just gambling. On top of slots, poker and other casino games, you can enjoy events, competitions, good food and beverages when visiting these places. 

Below, we’ve highlighted more of what you’ll find in each destination. 

Genting Casino Brighton

Genting Casino Brighton is situated in the heart of the town and a few steps away from the beach. This is where people go for gaming, dining and enjoying various drinks at the bar. 

The casino has a nice and cosy setting where you’ll find a couple of tables for blackjack, baccarat, poker and roulette. You can also play on Live E-Tables and slot machines. 

The Late Bar is open for chilled beverages from 2 pm to 3 am. There are friendly bartenders who serve various beers, spirits and wines. If you’re feeling a little hungry, the dining area has a snack bar where you can enjoy delicious light meals. 

There are also competitions, promotions and slot tournaments to partake in. Your attire should lean more on the smart casual or formal block, as football shirts and muscle tops aren’t accepted. 

Grosvenor Casino Pier Nine Brighton

Grosvenor Casino is situated on the seafront near the city pier. With entertainment arcades and restaurants, there are many things to do around this area. The casino offers many activities, so you can go from gambling to relaxing and watching live sports events

Grosvenor has three elegant gaming areas and each is dedicated to certain kinds of titles to bet on. In the centre, you’ll find various table games such as roulette, poker and blackjack. Above this area are slot machines where you can spin the reels on different themed titles.

If you don’t want to play poker in the centre area, there’s a cosier setting for cash games and tournaments. 

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You can go to the View Bar or Clubhouse when you’re done or want to take a break from playing games. The View Bar is where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the view. If you’re a sports fan, there are plasma screens to watch the best sports events.

The Clubhouse is great for when you want to grab a meal. You’ll find tasty grilled meat and seafood meals there. You can visit the casino during an event for an even more fun time. It hosts cheerful events now and then to entertain its guests.

Other facilities include a snack bar, a bar, an entertainment lounge and a conference room.

Rendezvous Casino Brighton

If you’re looking to dig into your favourite dish, sip on a colourful cocktail and play various casino games, then Rendezvous Casino Brighton is the place to be. It’s on the seafront in the Marina. 

There are two gaming floors with different casino gameplay experiences. You’ll find slots, a poker room, roulette, blackjack and other casino games. 

For dining, you can go to the Waterside Restaurant, overlooking the two gaming floors. Here you’ll be served a good meal that you can water down with an exotic drink at the Waterside Bar. While having beverages, the bar allows you to continue table gaming, watching various entertainment content on the surrounding big screens.

Rendezvous also features event halls, two can accommodate corporate meetings and the other is big enough for a wedding as it can hold up to 400 guests. Other facilities include a private bar, valet parking and live entertainment. 

The Verdict

Brighton has prestigious casinos where you can enjoy gaming, dining and drinking. They’re excellent for locals and tourists as other attractive destinations surround them. Playing at Grosvenor, Genting, and Rendezvous means participating in games like slots, table games and dedicated poker rooms. 

You don’t have to go across the street to fill your tummy and quench your thirst, as these casinos have restaurants and bar areas. Other entertainment includes live sports on large TV screens, events and tournaments.


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